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Nov 25, 2012 7:30am PST
'm returning to america what america's given to me. >>reporter: a native of germany was 50 when he says they threw his father into a concentration camp for opposing hitler. months later a commander let the whole family escape. >> we were very depressed and sad that the germany which we loved was turning against us. >>reporter: the family fled to camps and scraped by after japan invaded china. >> we did whatever we could do to make a living. >>reporter: after nearly a decade he boarded a ship to the u.s. with a heart of hope. >> here was america. i knew home and the future before me. >>reporter: he started with nothing, but studied business at san francisco state university, opened up his own restaurant. it would become the square. he ran the restaurant for 26 years living the american dream. >> my heart is so full of love and care and gratitude to america for having let me in the country in the first place, and giving me the opportunity. >>reporter: when he considered the legacy gift, his wife, valerie, a nurse, suggested the nursing program at dominican where he's a trustee. he's expre
Nov 11, 2012 7:30am PST
. >> we did this to get in the business of freeing america from your phonies and cronies that currently dominate the political establish mefnlt. >> reporter: ramsey is a libertarian who believes in lower taxes, less government spending, and more civil liberties. when ron paul dropped out of the presidential race, ramsey looked for new outlet for his political energy. >> well, superpac, you're able to facilitate a conversation, able to provide voters access to information. >> i'm tim bishop. how are you. >> reporter: democrat tim bishop, five-term new york congressman was the target of another small superpac created to remove him from office. >> big hearts beat big checks every day of the week. >> reporter: bishop was hit by $1 million in negative ads and direct mail from prosperity first. $750,000 came from one constituent, hedge fund manager robert mercer. mercer declined to answer questions, but bishop believes he might have been motivated by bishop's vote for new financial industry regulation. >> what it was designed to do is to fix some of the systemic problems that resulted in the
Nov 4, 2012 7:30am PST
. >> they realize that the need is there. i believe in supporting america as best i can. this has really become my calling. >> so for supporting servicemembers overseas, box by box by box, this weeks jefferson award goes to area near bonn. kate kelly, cbs 5. >> he hopes to one day be able to hire veterans, fulfill orders, and higher communications. >> use the link online. the connect button at the top of the page and then hit jefferson award. >> we've got a busy day out there for a lot of folks. wondering what they are walking or driving into. >> sounds like it's going to be a lovely day. we've got a full on warm-up in store according to elizabeth. >> we've got a fabulous weekend shaping up. blue skies behind me. here's a look at the building in san francisco. not a bad weekend at all. temperatures in the 40s and 50s right, but we crank those up. later this afternoon, 70s to low '80s. we are only in the beginning of a warming trend across the bay area. it looks like we could see record high temperatures before the week is through. once again, low '80s and some of our inland spots, low 70s along th
Nov 18, 2012 7:30am PST
important things to be talking about, and the sex scandal grabs the headlines. >> i'm sorry. he's america's top spy. >> not anymore. >> anything you write out there after six months they can come and just say we would like to take a look at it. >> if there's a threat or reason that it's -- >> or if they think there's a threat. >> correct. >> okay. professor hillman, we're going to be right back. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, >>> we're still talking about the petraeus scandal. anyway, we have another scandal for you that appears to be wrapped up, or is it? >> it's back and forth. >> he's back on the job now, but still on probation for a domestic violence incident. ed lee wants him to give up the -- domestic violence programs. ross mirkarimi says he has because he's assigned it to someone underneath him. >> but that's not good enough. what is going to be good snuff? here's what he had to say. >> it's like they keep moving the goal posts. in the original communications from the district attorney and the mayor, they left it in our hands. i said no problem. we have a chain of command. the department of over
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4